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Accelerate your journey towards
Zero Defect Identified with Quality360

Industry 4.0 ready Quality Assurance to drastically reduce and prevent production process and workflow glitches.

Designed to solve manufacturing industry quality challenges.

Quality Planning, Assurance and Control (QP / QA / QC) across the manufacturing value chain is a challenge for any manufacturer. Quality360 helps digitize and automate all practices through secure devices, and eliminates human intervention where seen as a hurdle. It helps you scale business operations by maintaining quality and compliance standards across geographies. 

Deep learning and computer vision-enabled surface and parts inspections.

Advanced Computer Vision and thermal camera-based detection of the smallest defects on the surface. Automate parts inspection at an industrial scale.  

Automated Surface Inspections and Tracking

Complex computer vision algorithms help track and identify the smallest of defects using inputs from a series of thermal imaging cameras.

Predictive Analytics to prevent future defects

Use past data to trace and track and prevent future defects.

Automated Visual Inspections of Parts.

Identify missing parts, parts with wrong orientation and dimensions, and sequencing during assembly.

Advanced raw material & finished goods inspection and testing.

Advanced Computer Vision and thermal camera-based detection of foreign matter at various stages of production from raw material to production to packaging.

Raw material & finished goods inspection 

Digitize and automate raw material and finished goods inspection and testing at various levels.

Track and trace defects

Trace back contaminants to source and map problematic suppliers.

Monitor end-to-end work & Process flows

Use state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to detect even the smallest changes in workflows to optimize efficiency and productivity.

Manage quality from design to customer complaints.

Use Quality360 to manage manufacturing quality right from design to tracking consumer complaints.

Bring all internal & external stakeholders on one platform

Quality360 easily integrates across platforms as well as allows for easy exchange of information across Design, Production, QA team, Lab, Agency, vendors and suppliers.

Streamlining Quality across your supply chain

Digitize and automate key processes and workflows in your supply chain to ensure strict checks at every level.

Connect QA Labs & Inspection Agencies

Real-time data exchange and seamless connection across QA labs and inspection agencies for effective Raw material & Finished Goods inspection & testing.

State-of-the-art AI and Machine Learning Features.

Equipped with cutting-edge AI, computer vision, advanced optical character reading (OCR) and automation technology, Quality360 offers truly 360-degree automation and digitization features.

Material Test Certificate (MTC) Automation

Ensure complete compliance and material integrity with Quality360's advanced OCR system. It meticulously scans material test certificates (MTC), ensuring that each material used in manufacturing meets manufacturing standards.

Connect QA Labs Seamlessly

Real-time data exchange and seamless connection across QA labs to guarantee superior quality from machinery parts to finished products.

CAD Integration

Integrate your QA processes directly with Computer-Aided Design (CAD) tools. Review, validate, and refine design blueprints, bridging the gap between design intent and product in real-time.

Comprehensive Safety and Compliance Monitoring.

Stay on top of quality checklists, compliance audits, ESH and, OSHA requirements with state-of-the art automation and tracking

Automate OSHA Compliance Management

Real-time monitoring of industrial and governmental guidelines, and compliances for faster and hassle-free audits.

Automate SOP & KPI Management

Integrate your existing CCTVs with our edge devices, employ deep learning algorithms to automate SOPs, checklists, and shop floor monitoring. Our systems not only  track any discrepancies and but also suggest improvements where needed.

One dashboard for Quality, Safety and Compliance

Bring all elements of safety and compliance on to a single platform.

Choose the most comprehensive QA automation and digitization product.