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Digitize & Automate Processes: Quality, Compliance and Vendor management.

Inspect, capture, and track quality through every step in your value chain – From design, manufacturing to customer feedback.

Designed to solve fashion industry specific quality challenges.

Managing Quality from fabric to final output is challenging given the multiple stakeholders involved. To add to this, multiple standards and guidelines need to be adhered to, especially with multiple designs and SKUs.

Quality360 helps bring the entire ecosystem under one platform and helps digitize even the most complex processes and workflows. 

Digitize visual inspections and testing

Digitize inspection of items reducing manual errors and enhancing customer satisfaction by delivering quality every time.

Measurements Inspections

Digitize and Automate measurements inspections process to keep track of changes across SKUs. Create, edit, approve and assign.

In process & Finished Goods Inspections

Use advanced tracking and digitization of various inspections to trace and track defects.

Raw Materials Inspections

Use advanced digitization to help track and monitor raw material quality across suppliers.

Alterations management

With advanced digital solution, reduce the alteration % by capturing real time accurate assessment of issue.

Material Test Certificate (MTC) Automation

Ensure complete compliance and material integrity with Quality360's advanced OCR technology. It meticulously scans material test certificates (MTC), ensuring that each material used is as per specifications.

Manage quality from design to customer complaints.

Use Quality360 to manage fashion quality right from design to tracking consumer complaints.

Bring all internal & external stakeholders on one platform

Quality360 easily integrates across platforms as well as allows for easy exchange of information across Designer, Sourcing, QA team, Lab, Agency, vendors and suppliers.

Streamlining Quality across your supply chain

Digitize and automate key processes and workflows in your supply chain to ensure strict checks at every level.

Trace back customer complaints & feedback

Advanced digitization helps trace, track and highlight customer complaints to the point of origin.

Connect QA Labs & Inspection Agencies

Real-time data exchange and seamless connection across QA labs and inspection agencies for effective Fabric, Raw material & Garment inspection & testing.

Compliance and Audit Digitization

Equipped with cutting-edge technology Quality360 offers truly 360-degree Compliance automation and digitization features.

Digitize & Automate Compliance SOP and KPI Management

Ensure 100% adherence to industry compliance standards. Track SOPs and KPIs on customizable dashboards.

One dashboard for Quality, Safety and Compliance

Bring all elements of safety and compliance on to a single platform. CAPA management.

Advanced Document Management

Faster audit report compilation and tacking of historical QA reports with a state-of-the-art document management system.

Take a step towards faster and more reliable QA.