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Consumer Goods

Safeguard Brand Promise and Consumer Trust with Quality360

AI-enabled solutions to achieve and maintain product quality. 

Solutions designed to address the challenges of the consumer goods industry.

The Consumer Goods industry is fast-paced and continuously experiencing new challenges due to ever-increasing customer expectations, competition, and stringency of compliance standards. There is a constant demand to be relevant to the customer and improve the experience. This means the quality team needs to be looking not just at improving the existing product line, but ensuring that the new ones are at the same quality standards.

Quality360 enables consumer goods companies to streamline, manage, assess, and track their quality processes efficiently by creating a closed-loop system and gain a competitive edge.

Computed vision-enabled automated label and content inspection.

Automate and speed up product label and package content verification with Quality360 

Package Artwork, Label and Print Verification

Automatic verification of PCU label, artwork, label colours, spell checks on the mono carton against the expected PCU, artwork, label colours etc.

Automate cross-verification of carton labels

Automated cross-verification of mono carton label against food package label.

Automate cross-verification of package contents

Automated cross-verification of food package against expected content based on video feed from camera.

Advanced inspection and testing.

Use Specialised Cameras and Thermal cameras to detect foreign matter at various stages of production including from procuring-cleaning-cooking-packing

Automate Foreign Matter Detection

Use specialized cameras to pin point and detect foreign object contamination in your line.

Raw material & finished goods inspection 

Digitize and automate raw material and finished goods inspection and testing at various levels.

Track and trace contaminants

Trace back contaminants to source and map problematic suppliers.

State-of-the-art AI and Machine Learning Features.

Equipped with cutting-edge AI, computer vision, and automation technology Quality360 offers truly 360-degree quality automation and digitization features. 

MTC Automation

A sophisticated OCR scans Material Test Certificates (MTC), ensuring each product delivered is built from the highest quality materials, safeguarding reputation and consumer trust.

Connect QA Labs Seamlessly

Ensure real-time data exchange and seamless connection across QA labs to guarantee that every product, from food items to consumer goods, meets the high-quality standards your customers expect.

Choose Uncompromised Quality Assurance Audits & Process with Quality360.