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Features & Solutions

Superior Automation and Digitization Solutions for Every Aspect of QA

Experience state-of-the-art AI-enabled inspections, automation, and insights in one unified platform. 

Smarter data capture for effective analytics.

AI and Predictive Analytics engine for data-driven decision making.

Single dashboard reporting for a 360-degree view of QA.

Compliance and monitoring features in-built for hassle-free audits.

QA Automation Solutions

To stay competitive and deliver to the never-ending demands of consumers, organizations need to consistently innovate and improve. With sophisticated image processing, AI and computer vision, Quality360 helps automate key QA processes and programs.

Enable Unmatched Precision

Adapt and Scale with Ease

Identify and Reduce Defects faster

MTC Automation

A sophisticated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system helps scan material test certificates (MTC) data. Automate the entire MTC process, validate with test specification without manual intervention.

Automated Visual Inspections of Parts

Quickly identify missing parts, parts with wrong orientation and dimensions, and sequencing during assembly.

Automated Surface Inspections and Tracking

High-resolution thermal camera and AI-enabled surface inspections to detect minute inconsistencies ensuring structural and surface integrity.

QA Digitization Solutions

All industries need to consider how best to integrate new technologies, into their QA processes across their own operations. Quality360 offers a single platform to digitize key aspects of QA, and helps standardize, track and monitor standards across vendors and internal teams.

Get Better Visibility of Processes

Capture Data across the Value Chain

Improve Real-time Decision-making

Vendor QA Management

Streamline your collaboration with suppliers and third-party vendors. Monitor, evaluate, and elevate their performance in real-time to maintain the highest product and service quality benchmarks.

Connect QA Labs Seamlessly

Seamlessly integrate your quality processes with Testing & QA laboratory systems. Facilitate real-time data exchange, accelerating testing, and validation for top-tier product assurance.

Integrated Connection of Instruments

Link directly with your precision instruments. Automate data collection and analysis, ensuring meticulous, consistent, and rapid quality checks.

QA Analytics Solutions

Use the power of AI to seamlessly analyse and derive insights from your quality data. Quality360 not only offers insights and reports, but also a powerful machine learning enabled prescriptive analytics engine to stay ahead of the curve.

Prevent & Predict Quality Issues

Improve Operational Effectiveness with Data

Use AI for Faster Insights and Decision-making

View Industry Specific Solutions

Get the most advanced QA automation, digitization & analytics solution.