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Quality Analytics Solutions

AI-Driven Analytics: Transforming Quality with Superior Intelligence

Quality360 uses sophisticated AI algorithms to revolutionize Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics across various industries. 

Benefits of Advanced Quality Analytics

Our AI-Driven Quality Analytics Solution is a strategic partner in delivering excellence and innovation in quality management.

Proactive Issue Identification

Smart analytics to enable early detection of potential quality lapses, reducing downtime and resource waste.

Enhance Production Efficiency

Address and rectify potential issues in advance. Streamline operations and boost manufacturing efficiency.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Leverage AI-powered insights for informed, strategic decisions that improve production quality and outcomes.

Customized AI Recommendations

Apply precise, AI-generated solutions to reduce defects and improve product quality.

Operational Efficiency

Tackle root causes efficiently, diminishing the need for rework and enhancing overall product quality.

Continuous Quality Improvement

Utilize AI insights to foster a culture of continual improvement and sustained quality enhancement.

Our Unique Approach


Cutting-Edge Technology Integration

We specialize in integrating machine vision and deep learning technologies into your quality inspection processes for seamless, comprehensive solutions.


Tailored Turnkey Solutions

Our expert team designs bespoke solutions specific to your industry, maximizing the benefits of machine vision and deep learning.


Swift Deployment and Comprehensive Support

Enjoy a smooth transition to automated processes, supported by our dedicated team for your success.


Proven Excellence

We have more than 2 decades of digital transformation experience across industries.

Features of Quality360 AI-Powered Analytics Solution

Our analytics and insights features are designed to address all types of scenarios and users.

Advanced Predictive Analytics

Employ state-of-the-art AI algorithms for accurate forecasting of quality issues.

Historical Data Utilization

Draw on past data to identify trends and predict future quality challenges.

Early Detection Capabilities

Identify quality issues before they escalate, preventing major production setbacks.

Seamless System Integration

Integrate effortlessly with existing manufacturing systems for a unified workflow. This is enabled with our proprietary tool (TruConnect).

User-based Dashboards and Reporting

Visualize data and insights with user specific interfaces for simplified and quick access.

Real-Time Data Processing

Analyze live data to provide immediate quality assessments and insights.

Root Cause Analysis

Use AI to pinpoint and address underlying causes of quality problems.

Customizable AI Recommendations

Tailor solutions to align with specific QA processes and goals.

Adaptive Learning Algorithms

Continuously improve and adapt to evolving industrial quality standards and procedures.

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