Manage your sales anytime anywhere using 3Frames Mobile Sales Management Application - A Seamless, Agnostic, Secure and Customizable Mobile Application with deep integration to the Sales Management Systems.

Coupling the efficiency of mobile devices with the strength of cloud computing, 3Frames Software Labs has designed a competent Sales Management mobile solution for unrivalled effectiveness which can be used anytime and anywhere.

Application allows distributors and sales agents of any retail industry to synchronize with the sales management system even when they are offline or on transit.
Application allows the user to use the application any time both in offline and online modes. Data is seamlessly transferred between the mobile devices and backend systems.
Application uses AES-256/PGP encryption methods for secure data storage on the device and provides secure communication with backend systems
Build on an agnostic platform, this mobile solution is intuitive as well as functional and supports multiple platforms including BlackBerry, iPhone/iPad and Android.
The users of this application don’t need training and can immediately begin capturing and accessing information at the point of performance.
Application has helped enterprise customers to extract maximum value from ROI. Moreover, this mobile application is successful in increasing data accuracy and in minimizing manual errors. It has helped retail industries to gather sales momentum thereby allowing organizations to complete more planned work.
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