3Frames Dashboard provides powerful and simple way to view management reports on tablet devices. With the mobile dashboards, you can visualize all the critical information at your fingertips just with a few taps and access real-time data anytime, anywhere. Just click and you are synced to get the latest information on your device. It allows you to spot the trends, slice and dice, compare the performance across various units and sub-units of your organization.

3Frames Dashboards can be integrated into any domain and can be utilized in any enterprise industry. Information can be derived from Excel CSVs to various backend BI systems.
This application is capable of accessing critical information in real-time to help in producing timely and tangible business output.
3Frames Dashboard solution is designed to leverage on the mobile device’s user interface and user experience paradigms. Application is very simple in feel and has rich graphical representation of the dashboard and its data.
Application is highly customizable enabling top management to track different situations in the enterprise system anytime and anywhere.
Application enables the senior management team to analyse various scenarios, spot the trends and compare the performance across various units and sub-units of the organization be it sales performance, service performance or project performance. This accelerates effective and sound decision making.
Application is secure and the content delivered to the device is through secure connectivity.
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