3Frames Labs has expertise in the Internet of Things (IoT), right from defining the IoT strategy to execution and implementation. 3Frames Labs offers an innovative enterprise grade IoT platform, truEdge which is designed for enterprises to securely connect the IoT devices with the cloud.

truEdge is an innovative IoT Hub and Platform that packages device management, application management and data management into one platform. The platform is designed to leverage 3Frames Labs’ expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning and facial recognition. The platform helps the enterprises to develop and deploy innovative IOT applications. truEdge provides scalability, an end to end security and seamless connectivity between devices and enterprise systems.

1 Connect Anything
truEdge’s innovative edge platform allows seamless device connectivity. Edge Hub supports out of box discovery, provisioning and connectivity. truEdge supports multiple protocols such as BLE, BLE Mesh, Wifi, ZigBee, Zwave.
2 Control and Manage
The device management capabilities in truEdge allow control over configuration and device management. The configuration of devices and deployment of edge connectors is feasible over the air. The centralized console is used for monitoring and controlling the devices.
3 Manage the data
IoT devices generate a large amount of data. truEdge’s Data Engine on the cloud allows storage and consumption of machine data and extract data. The same can be connected to any enterprise backend system using the enterprise middleware. The middleware solution is built for scalability and can stream in data from a large number of devices. The solution also supports alerts based on the data rules engine. It allows defining rules to trigger alarms, drive operations and processes.
4 Analyze the data
The in-built Hadoop clusters provide the analytical solution to support extensive data analysis capability. truEdge's advanced AI and machine learning engines provide useful insights into the data.